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Aptean Compiere for Distribution

Your business operates in a highly competitive environment characterized by intense competition based on factors ranging from product availability to customer service. Distribution ERP software that automates your order management, inventory, purchasing, financial accounting, and customer service processes can help you compete despite razor-thin profit margins.

Compiere's integrated ERP distribution capabilities provide software solutions that generate a comprehensive view of your company operations, your supplier relationships and your customers, allowing you to reduce inventory costs, improve customer service, expand into new markets and grow your margins.

Customers from across numerous industries and from around the globe use the Compiere ERP system to automate their internal processes, improve customer satisfaction and create business value. Browse our featured Distribution Success Stories below and learn about the results achieved from their on-going use of Compiere.

Distribution Success Stories

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Matthew's Books

Location: Missouri, USA
Compiere Partner: Sodexis

This distributor of medical books and supplies replaced its home-grown, disparate accounting systems with Compiere to manage accounts payable and financial reporting. Compiere enables informed decision-making by automating thousands of weekly billing transactions across four operating divisions and by generating consolidated financial statements. Future plans include automating additional company functions with Compiere and using financial information to drive expansion of its retail operations.

Pharma Nord

Location: Denmark
ERP Distribution Success Story - Pharmaceutical Company | ERP Distribution News - Pharmaceutical Company

Finding the right balance between out-of-the-box functionality, platform flexibility and open source licensing lead this 500-person pharmaceutical company to Compiere. Their solution was initially implemented in 2002 and has evolved into a key system supporting their global expansion. As of 2008, Compiere manages inventory, ordering, shipments and accounting processes across more than 10,000 SKUs and through more than 50 subsidiaries and channel partners.

Tire Distributor

Location: France
Compiere Partner: Audaxis

Seeking to improve materials management for its European operations, this international tire manufacturer and distributor tracks over 2500 products sourced from both Europe and Asia. In production since 2004, the Compiere ERP system automates sales, purchasing, inventory and financial management processes from the moment products leave the factory in Asia through shipment across Europe.