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Aptean Compiere for Retail

Your business operates in a highly competitive environment characterized by intense competition based on factors ranging from product availability to customer service. Automation of your point-of-sale, inventory, procurement and financial accounting processes can help you compete despite razor-thin profit margins.

Compiere's integrated ERP and CRM capabilities generate a comprehensive view of your company operations, your supplier relationships and your customers, allowing you to automate store operations, expand your business to the Internet, manage supplier relationships, and grow your margins.

Customers from across numerous industries and from around the globe use the Compiere ERP system to automate their internal processes, improve customer satisfaction and create business value. Browse our featured Retail Success Stories below and learn about the results achieved from their on-going use of the leading business solutions.

Retail Success Stories

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Cosmetic Retailer

Location: France
Compiere Partner: Audaxis

As this international cosmetic retailer grew to over 2,000 locations, their in-house mainframe application for managing their supply chain could no longer scale to meet the increasingly complex business requirements. After a thorough evaluation of alternatives including proprietary solutions and in-house development, the IT department chose Compiere ERP systems for their flexibility, low cost and quick implementation. The customized Compiere ERP system solution tracks 8,500 products and more than 12,000 order lines per day.

Energy Equipment Retailer

Location: Netherlands
Compiere Partner: ActFact

Coming from separate and inflexible ERP and CRM solutions that were putting a strain on business growth, this Dutch energy-saving equipment retailer valued flexibility and freedom from vendor lock-in as they evaluated their business automation alternatives. They chose Compiere ERP systems. With the assistance of Compiere Partner ActFact, they implemented business solutions spanning CRM, sales, logistics, purchasing, accounting, human resources and financial management functions. Due to Compiere's ease of use and flexibility, this retailer is taking an active role in customizing their automated solution to provide better insight into the company's performance.

Eyewear Retailer

Location: United Kingdom
ERP Distribution News - Eyewear Retailer

Britain's most trusted optician is seeking competitive advantage for their business by embracing open-source solutions throughout their IT infrastructure. In coordination with Compiere, the company is developing a retail management application using Compiere ERP systems and other open-source technologies. The resulting system, scheduled to go into production in mid-2007, enables affordable global expansion without vendor lock-in and initial license fees associated with proprietary products.

Retail Chain

Location: Canada

Seeking to reduce inventory costs and streamline point-of-sale processes, this Canadian retail chain turned to customized Compiere ERP system business solutions. The comprehensive inventory management system is the foundation for new processes within stores for processing returns and for reducing stocking levels. By integrating Compiere ERP systems with their point-of-sale terminals, cashiers prepare invoices by scanning the bar code on product items. Compiere automatically calculates and applies Canada's two-level GST and PST taxes to invoices.