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Installation guides for Compiere ERP and CRM

Compiere ERP and CRM software includes the Compiere server and client software, and the database structures that form the starting point for your customized business solution.

Compiere Installation Guides

To install Compiere Community Edition use the Installation Guide that matches your preferred operating system and database.

Operating System Database Installation Guide (PDF Format)
Microsoft Windows Oracle Download
Microsoft Windows EnterpriseDB Download
Linux Oracle Download
Linux EnterpriseDB Download

If you are using the Compiere Enterprise Edition, please read the Release Notes for additional instructions regarding installation and migration

ERP Installation Prerequisites

In addition to Compiere software, you will need three additional (and easy to acquire) software components:

  • Operating System software that supports Java such as Linux or Microsoft Windows
  • Java Development Kit 6 (JDK6)
  • Database software from either Oracle or EnterpriseDB.

The computer hardware requirements for the Compiere ERP installation are modest. For evaluating Compiere, a modern desktop or laptop computer will likely have the needed processing power, memory, storage and network resources. For demanding production Compiere deployments, you will want one or more server-class computers and potentially a storage array. The Compiere installation guides fully describe the minimum system requirements.

Experience administering your chosen operating system and database software is essential for successfully installing Compiere.