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Compiere Adds Twelve Companies to Its Rapidly Expanding Global Partner Network

Nearly 100 partners, across six continents, now offer the world's leading open source ERP and CRM solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises

Portland, Oregon – July 11, 2006 – Compiere, Inc., the premier provider of open source business applications, today announced the addition of twelve new companies to its rapidly growing global Compiere Partner Network. The new partners include Avanted, Cobweb, Dassou, DATALP, HyperData, Intelligent Business Systems, Omega/TGI, Open Mind Consultancy, Pantaservice, Proxima, Seath Solutions and Transitional Data Services. As a member of the global partner network, these companies are trained by Compiere to provide implementation, integration, customization and support services to Compiere users.

Jorg Janke, founder and CEO of Compiere, said, The continued growth of our partner network is a testament to the global depth and functional appeal our integrated ERP and CRM software offers. One of the ways in which we provide our partners with the tools and skills necessary to deliver customized solutions and services to Compiere users, is through our formal Partner training and certification program.With our next partner training event scheduled for San Francisco in August, enrollment includes companies from all corners of the world.

The new Compiere partners include:

  • Avanted – Based in Venezuela, Avanted provides Compiere implementation and support services and customizes technical solutions in an incremental form to help clients adapt to changes and business growth.
  • Cobweb – Based in Switzerland, Cobweb (www.cobweb.com) focuses on e-business project management for small and medium sized businesses. Since 1996, Cobweb has worked with open source high-end applications and web-based graphical user interface. Cobweb services include the customization and integration of Compiere ERP as well as the development of tailor-made applications.
  • Dassou – Based in India, Dassou (www.dassousoftware.com) customizes Compiere ERP modules for the textile industry and integrates with textile manufacturing extension to cover the gamut of operations in a textile mill with multi-location units.
  • DATALP – Based in France, DATALP (www.datalp.com) provides a range of products and has equipped several hundred specialized retail stores with its point of sale software which provides centralized management via Compiere.
  • HyperData – Based in New York, HyperData (www.hyperdata.biz) looks to bring big business systems to the hands of small businesses and takes a simple approach to implementing ERP to get customers online quickly. Compiere's architecture, flexibility and standards-driven design are ideal for HyperData's agile approach to ERP.
  • Intelligent Business Systems – Based in the United Kingdom, Intelligent Business Systems (www.intelligentsystems.biz) provides integrated business solutions and works with clients during all stages of implementation to achieve the full advantage of Compiere ERP and CRM without business disruption.
  • Omega Ingénierie subsidiary of TGI Group – Based in France, Omega/TGI (www.omega-ing.com) is an open source software integrator providing the complete scope of IT services provided by classical software integrators but around open source packages. Using personalized open source while outsourcing development increases flexibility and cost savings up to 70 percent for a Compiere ERP project.
  • Open Mind Consultancy – Based in the Netherlands, Open Mind Consultancy (www.om-consultancy.nl) offers services in the area of open source software strategy and implementation of Compiere.
  • Pantaservice – Based in Italy, Pantaservice (www.pantaservice.com) delivers IT strategies and business system solutions for organizations ranging in size from large companies to small and medium enterprises. The company focuses on open source ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Proxima – Based in Greece, Proxima (www.proxima.gr) provides open source applications for business intelligence, document management and content management.
  • Seath Solutions – Based in the United Kingdom, Seath Solutions (www.seathsolutions.com) offers a full range of expertise to enterprise solution delivery with Compiere. Seath Solutions brings together IT skills and project and change management experience to integrate ERP and CRM, combining point of sale, distribution, inventory, e-commerce, accounting, collaboration management and workflow within one application.
  • Transitional Data Services – Based in Massachusetts, Transitional Data Services (www.transitionaldata.com) provides transitional IT services to help companies keep pace with a constantly changing environment. Transitional Data Services works with customers to leverage Compiere's best-of-breed ERP and CRM business solution framework with specific corporate objectives.

About the Compiere Partner Network

The Compiere Partner Network is a worldwide network of consulting firms, systems integrators, application solution providers, and value-added resellers that provide consulting, implementation and customization services to Compiere end users. Compiere, Inc. does not compete with the partner network, but fully supports them by providing development and back-office assistance, detailed up-to-date information, and proactive updates and alerts for the product. Applicants to the Compiere Partner Network must go through intensive training and certification from Compiere's Founders, to ensure they will provide the highest level of support to Compiere users. To learn more about becoming a Compiere Partner, please visit http://www.compiere.com/partners/.

Upcoming Compiere Partner Training Sessions

Compiere holds training sessions four times each year for both current Compiere Partners and those interested in becoming Compiere Partners and practitioners. The next sessions will be held in San Francisco, California with Intensive Functional Training held August 21 - 25, 2006, followed by Technical Training sessions held August 28 - 30, 2006. For information or to attend the upcoming training session, please visit http://www.compiere.com/services/training/.

About Compiere, Inc.

Compiere, Inc. is the premier provider of Open Source business management software. The Compiere ERP & CRM solution is used worldwide by small to medium enterprises and large corporations across a variety of industries including retail, logistics and distribution. It is available for use on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac and UNIX platforms. Founded in 1999, Compiere, Inc. offers commercial backing, support and services to its global network of partners. For more information, please go to www.compiere.com.