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How to Buy

One of the ways that Aptean is changing the economics of business software is by making ERP easier to acquire. We offer the following process and timeline in the spirit of helping you evaluate the potential fit and value to your business from a customized Compiere solution as efficiently as possible.

Assess Compiere Capabilities Against Your Needs (2 weeks - 2 months)

Aptean provides a number of resources to assist you with software evaluation and selection. Some prospective customers may choose to complete the analysis on their own. Others will engage an Authorized Compiere Partner to assist with the analysis. Importantly, the choice is yours. The following services are available to assist in evaluating Compiere:

With Compiere, you can avoid the seemingly endless and error-prone requirements gathering and vendor request for information (RFI) phase from the past. Instead, you are in control of the process for confirming that Compiere meets your business needs.

Buy Compiere (Minutes)

Congratulations on choosing Compiere, a decision that will set your business on a path of improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. Use the Compiere Order Forms to order the Compiere Edition and database software you need:

Contact us if you have any questions about completing the order form, including pricing and payment terms. If you are working with a Compiere Authorized Partner, there may be additional services such as implementation and customization that your partner will invoice separately.

Implement and Grow (2 weeks - 2 months)

Compiere is designed to get your business into production quickly. The main enabler is the Model-based Application Platform that lets you quickly customize the software to your business needs. With Compiere, there are no "final" decisions. You can change anything about your customized solutions at any time. As a result, there is no need for a seemingly endless analysis and setup phase. Focus your implementation energy on getting into production with the confidence that omissions, extensions or changes can be addressed at any time with minimal consequences.