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New Support Offerings for Optimizing Open Source ERP and CRM Application Performance

Three-tiered support model offers benefits to meet the needs of small companies up to large global enterprises

Santa Clara, California – Jan. 29, 2007 – Compiere, Inc., the premier provider of open source business applications, announced today new support offerings for companies using its open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) application. Compiere offers a three-tiered support model to meet the needs of its diverse customer base ranging from small to medium-sized enterprises to large corporations across a variety of industries including retail, logistics, distribution, manufacturing and professional services. The company's new support offerings can be obtained directly from Compiere or through a Compiere authorized partner. In addition to typical support activities, Compiere includes access to migration tools, an optional end user license agreement (EULA) with indemnification, and more.

"With Compiere partners located in all major geographies around the world, local support is always easily accessible to customers regardless of their physical location," stated Jorg Janke, founder and CEO, Compiere. "Our partners must complete rigorous training and certification to ensure they can provide the same high-quality service and support as available directly from Compiere. When customers enlist the support of Compiere and Compiere authorized partners, they can be assured they will receive expert support."

The following levels highlight Compiere's basic support offerings; however, Compiere partners may offer additional support services:

  • Self-Service Support is designed for smaller customers using Compiere under an open source license. Self-service support is aimed at customers who have the resources and desire to complete a significant portion of the implementation and ongoing maintenance work without assistance from Compiere, but still want access to migration tools.
  • Standard Support is aimed at the needs of most Compiere customers. Standard support customers can choose the EULA which among other benefits provides indemnification. Additionally customers can choose from standard edition databases, such as Oracle Standard Edition (SE) and other databases and receive access to releases prior to the general release.
  • Extended Support is designed for enterprise customers with large or complex installations. Extended support customers can choose the EULA which among other benefits provides indemnification. Additionally customers can use enterprise edition databases and application servers and receive access to daily build releases.

More information about these support offerings can be found at http://www.compiere.com/services/support-programs/index.php.

"As a Compiere partner, we offer a broad range of support options to help our customers advance quickly on the learning curve and become proficient with Compiere ERP & CRM functionality to help maximize their investment," said Martin Fuggle, director, ADAXA Pty Ltd. "Attending Compiere partner training provides us with the hands-on experience to give guidance specific to our customers' needs and industry challenges."

Compiere partners must complete intensive training and certification directly from Compiere's team of experts, and this training is also available to all users of Compiere software. Compiere offers an intensive training course at least four times per year, a great way to learn more about using Compiere. In addition to the intensive training, Compiere offers a variety of other training solutions to meet your needs.

For companies interested in learning more about Compiere, attending the company's functional training is the best way to get started. The next training session will be held Feb. 12-16, 2007 in San Francisco. For more information or to attend the upcoming training session, please visit http://www.compiere.com/services/training/sanfrancisco-location.php.

About Compiere, Inc.

Compiere, Inc. is the premier provider of open source business management software. The Compiere ERP & CRM solution is used worldwide by small to medium enterprises and large corporations across a variety of industries including retail, logistics and distribution. It is available for use on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac and UNIX platforms. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and founded in 1999, Compiere, Inc. offers commercial backing, support and services to its global network of nearly 100 partners. For more information, please visit www.compiere.com.